Built with MasterClass

MasterClass is a content creation platform for producing highly visual and interactive content that works across all devices.


MasterClass was developed to create textbooks, interactive presentations and other learning material which can be viewed and used by students in an optimal way on all the types of personal computing devices available to them, from interactive whiteboards to mobile phones - of whatever variety.

Designed for all screens

Content that works equally well on mobile or desktop

One creative process produces applications for the web and apps for mobile devices

There are many other advantages of developing with MasterClass. Interactive tools can be used within textbooks and presentations.

It is also possible for users to alter or create their own interactive materials, without having to use any programming.

The framework even allows for sophisticated assessment to be incorporated into any product, again allowing users to make use of interactive tools, on any device.

MasterClass has flexible publishing options. Content can be published in a number of formats, including HTML5.

Automatically adjusts to any screensize

The MasterClass web player and mobile apps allow content to be sized appropriately for any device.

iPhone-only apps, or Android-only apps a thing of the past

Developing with MasterClass produces both iOS and Android apps simultaneously. Users have a shared experience, regardless of their device or platform.

code the curriculum

A*Star Education’s new resource for learning to code

code the curriculum is a purpose-built environment for teaching coding, but the programs created in the large selection of projects have application across many different subjects, and particularly strengthen pupils’ understanding of mathematics.

code the curriculum is written using A*Star Education’s MasterClass content creation platform, which means that it will automatically work on any device.

See the code the curriculum page for a brief introduction and visit code the curriculum.com for a more extensive overview.

History Matters

A*Star Education’s resources on British history, built with MasterClass

Our History Matters product is offered to schools as a low-price, high-quality subscription website. With a username and password, school users can access the content from a browser, either in the classroom or at home. On mobile, the same web content is accessible by logging in with a free app.

Explore the UK history curriculum with History Matters

History Matters is the first product to be built with the new MasterClass platform. Offered as a subscription service to schools, History Matters allows students, parents and teachers access to content written for the English curriculum via the web and with a native App on mobile phones and tablets. With a single login covering the whole school, it is easy to get started with History Matters.

History Matters includes:

  • More than 80 ebooks, including GCSE textbooks. New volumes, relevant to the new primary and secondary syllabus are being added.
  • Animated presentations, designed for teachers at the front of the classroom.
  • Interactive timelines.

See the History Matters page to learn more or visit the History Matters website to subscribe.

Coming soon

Maths Matters

Maths Matters is currently under redevelopment with the MasterClass platform.

The new Maths Matters works on all devices, including PCs, Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones, offering:

  • Whole-school access to content for students, parents and teachers
  • Textbooks
  • Interactive presentations
  • Next-generation instructional tools
  • Assessment with smart feedback

Visit the Maths Matters website.

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