Brand new Maths Matters interactive lessons suite and curriculum (coming soon)

Maths Matters is a new mathematics product, rewritten from the ground up using the latest technology to provide the most comprehensive and interactive resource imaginable.

The new Maths Matters features over two hundred complete lessons, covering the KS3 and KS4 curriculum and is designed to be used by teachers in their everyday teaching, as well as by students for self-study. Each lesson is beautifully illustrated and code the curriculum programs are integrated seemlessly to allow mathematical ideas to be fully developed.

Interactive drawing tools make accurate constructions easy

For teachers, the lessons can save hours of preparation time, while allowing exploration of the underlying mathematics. Using sliders, graphing tools and other controls, it is quick easy to generate thousands of worked examples that can be shown at any time.

Students can also access the entire suite of lessons at home, on any device they own.

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